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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I wish to lay bare portions of my human experience for you in the exposed bellies of my paintings and the warped wood whose blemishes I do not desire to conceal.  They follow the non-linear experiences of womanhood through a dialog between painting, material, and sculpture.  The conversation between these formal components creates an abstract space that combines elements of domestic architecture, psychological atmosphere, and theatricality in which characters are permitted to act out their inner fears and desires associated with the home, work, and motherhood.

               I embrace both the positive and negative results of outside influences upon the individual psyche including societal pressures such as gender roles, the need to marry, and heeding the biological clock in a delicate balance while pursing career goals.  This balance is represented through the juxtaposition of an open meditative space along with claustrophobic destruction.  At times the two unite when architectural rubble and found objects are lovingly interwoven into new hybrid spaces or organisms that surpass their origins by fusing the reality of material with the fantasy of the ideal in an act of growth and healing.  The hybrids act as facilitators for navigating the frail equilibrium of inner monologue and outer influence.